January 26, 2010

Update: Sherri's Surgery Delayed

Monday and Tuesday this week Sherri went into the clinic for some blood work prior to the surgery. The results showed that she was a little anemic. Therefore, the surgeon is requiring that the surgery be delayed for 7 to 14 days to give her some time to increase her hemoglobin levels. She will have the surgery performed as soon as her blood work reaches acceptable levels.

Please keep Sherri in your prayers -- she has not been able to sleep for more than 3 hours at night for a few weeks. Sherri says that her pain is increasing daily while her ability to cope with the intense and continued pain for so many weeks is decreasing.

Many heartfelt thanks to all of you who have donated to her surgery. The outpouring of love and your generosity have been incredible--more than Sherri could have ever imagined! Please know how much she loves you and appreciates all that you have done for her.

Heather (Sherri's friend & blog moderator)


Anonymous said...

My questions were not intended to be mean. Actually, my questions were intended to protect myself as a potential donor and those that have already donated. My donations go to those in need that provide details that I need to decide where my money goes.

Being LDS, our welfare system usually only provides for those in need when all excessive practices are ceased and all resources and possessions have been exhausted.

I applaud the Jensen families attempt at trying to be independent and self sufficient. However, they have no problem accepting assistance from complete strangers. The system that they should have been paying into by their taxes has programs to help provide simple needs and assistance. I agree that these programs should not be a permanent solution. But in their time of need, check your pride and political principles at the door when times are hard and temporary assistance is available for their kids. About the only reason they would be denied assistance is having assets that could still be liquidated. Are there any items that they have that have not been sold off that would be considered as luxuries?

I do find it interesting that you find it necessary to censor a post that I sincerely needed answered. Even though NayLynn answered my questions, Heather’s chance to eliminate my post has placed enough doubt in me to not make a donation. Something does not add up here.

Anonymous said...

Sherri & Family, I love you all and have been so excited to see so many people who love you too, and want to help you. Heather & NayLynn, thank you for your kind words in the previous post. I understand that people may question things, but they do not need to be disrespectful if they do and can choose not to help if they don't want to. In my opinion, it's that simple. Please keep me posted on everything, and let me know if I can help in any way possible.


Heather said...

To Anonymous -

As the moderator of the blog I could easily delete any post at any time for any reason. That's how all blogs and many forums are run. Sometimes it can be difficult on the internet to discern if someone's questions are honest inquiries or rude nit-picking. We felt that they were more of the latter, since some of your questions had been answered in previous comments/posts by me and others. We are sorry if we misjudged your intentions. The only reason to delete such questions would have been because we felt they were "contentious" - not because we wanted to hide the answers. I understand that you may not have meant to be contentious. I also understand your desire to make sure the request for assistance is legitimate.

This blog site was primarily set up to make it easier for those close friends and family of the Jensens to donate to Sherri's surgery, if they felt so inclined. Sherri never intended to ask for assistance from complete strangers - nevertheless she is grateful for those strangers who chose to donate. Close to 95% of the donations that Sherri received came from those who already knew her and know that she would not ask for help if she did not absolutely need it.

The Jensens have not been denied government assistance, nor do they enjoy any luxaries that would prevent them from receiving assistance from either church or government. They could be on gov. welfare if their conscious allowed it. However, even with the assistance of unemployment benefits, medicaid or food stamps, Sherri still wouldn't be able to pay for this surgery up front. Medicaid will NOT cover it. That is why they are asking for help. She needs the surgery now - not in a year or two after they could save up for it.

The beauty of charitble giving is that no one is forcing you to give. Thank you for coming to the site and for considering Sherri's cause. May God bless you!

Rochelle said...

I'm so happy that you've been able to find some methods that will help you. I'm so excited for you to get healed and be able to further serve in God's kingdom and raise your family. I'm proud of all you've done so far and how hard you try to follow the Lord. I've always looked up to you because of that. Thank you for your example of love, service, and standing firm in your beliefs throughout the years.
I love you and your family so much!
May the Lord continue to bless you and those who seek to help Him bless you.

Harmony said...

Heather- I have a question about a donation I made (some was from me and some from someone else) and I noticed in a post that you are keeping track of what monies are coming from which people. I would like to email you more info about the $$ I donated. Who should I email? David? Or you? You can reply on this thread or email me at harmonyfr at hotmail dot com. Thank you! -Harmony Roberts